Uday Slum Development Programs, Bhopal

The programs of Uday Slum Development Project focus on the development and empowerment of women and children in Jatkhedi & Bagmugalia slums of Bhopal through various activities.

  • Women empowerment
  • Organize women through Self Help Group and ensure their capacity building through trainings
  • Self-employment training program (tailoring, embroidery, soft toys making, )
  • Support in starting income generation programs for self employment
  • Programs related to legal rights
  • Child Participation, Education and Protection
  • Additional coaching for slow leaner and dropout children from deprived community in order to reduce child labour and enhance quality of education.
  • Encourage education of girls and motivate parents for their education.
  • Non-formal education centre for dropout children to reduce child labor and anti social activities.
  • Personality Development and Leadership programs for children
  • Leadership and Child Friendly Program for children
  • Awareness program on  child sexual abuse ,child constitutional and legal rights etc. 
  • Health Camp
  • Health awareness to promote healthy environment and medical check up to prevent and treat diseases.
  • Awareness on environment
  • Enable the community for proper waste management
  • Awareness program to save the environment
  • Avail Govt. schemes to the community
  • Increase accessibility to Govt. schemes for the beneficiaries
  • Create awareness on Govt. schemes among the community members

The unit works towards women empowerment by training the SHGs and MCGs (Micro- Credit Group). A federation of SHG is formed and in the process of registering as a Cooperative Society which has 103 members. There are 270 women who have membership in 33 SHGs & MCGs. Various training and orientation of the Group members are conducted from time to time in order to strengthen the groups and increase its sustainability.

Non –formal education is given by supporting 89 children, 42 of whom are given admission in the Govt. Higher Secondary School, Bagmugalia. Among these children many are engaged in child labour and they earn money for their families as some additional income. Besides, nutritious food is provided to the children by the Uday.

Health camps are organized in collaboration with Govt. Primary Health Centres and District Tuberculosis Centres.

The children are also provided with Computer education to enhance their computer skills. We organize Personality Development and leadership programs to guide children to inculcate in them, interest in studies and become responsible citizens of the country.

Our Team at Uday Slum Development Programs:

  • Lizy Thomas SSpS (Director)
  • Prakash Upadhyay (Coordinator)
  • Jagdish Lodhi (CO)
  • Anita Mangal Rajpali ( Legal Adviser – Women Cell )