Our Right – Human Rights through women cell of Uday Society

 Uday Social Development society organized a legal camp in collaboration with CASA in various slums of Bhopal. The main objective of the program was to spread awareness about the legislation, to understand the needs of women and address their legal problems and total 170 women participated in the legal camp.

The Chief Guest of the program was Mr. Prashant Pathak,Senior Advocate (Legal Aid Association). He shared on the Domestic Violence Act and what action will be taken to deal with all these issues. He guided women on the goals and objective of the legal literacy, family counselling centre and attempts to settle the cases of separation and violence.

Mrs Sunita Rajput , Senior Advocate – (legal Aid Association) pointed out that more than physical violence perpetrated by the partners or spouse, it was the fear of social ostracism and stigma that prevented women from speaking out the against domestic violence . Women only need to raise their voice against this denial issue without any fear. She also mention that  if anybody found the case of beating of wife or any husband doing violence on his wife after getting drunk then , they can dial 100 and give the information.

Women asked various issues such as what we can do if husband beat us, what action should be taken if in-laws of any girl are torture her, on this Mr. Pathak asked to bring the family or the spouses to the family counselling centre on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The centre will provide the assistance and attempt to settle the disputes.