International women’s day

International women’s day observed:

On this day, the women domestic workers persuaded the state government to work towards the Domestic Workers’ Bill in Madhya Pradesh:

Uday Society observed international Women’s Day on 2nd March 2019 at Gandhi Bhawan Bhopal. The main objective of the program was to promote and uphold the rights of domestic workers and empower women towards their rights. Around 700 women participated in the program. Many women are engaged in domestic work but they do not have the basic facilities such as proper wages, health benefits, decent working condition, holidays, and Maternity leave etc. The chief guest of the event Mrs. Shobha Ojha, Spokes person of congress. Her valuable words ensured that she will take the demands of domestic workers to the Govt. Shri Surjit Singh Chauhan of BJP party also spoke about the promoting the rights of domestic workers.
Total 8 women of slums were honoured for their outstanding contributions in the development work of the slums, resolving the conflicts among families and reducing the violence in their slums. A skit was performed by women focused on protecting the rights of domestic workers.
A Memorandum was submitted to the representatives of government with their demands.