Madhya Pradesh Domestic Worker Movement

Madhya Pradesh Domestic Worker Movement  (MPDWM) is a movement which works towards the rights of Domestic Workers since 2006. Presently MPDWM is working in various districts of Madhya Pradesh Indore, Bhopal, Dewas, Ujjain, Khandwa, Mhow and Jhabua

The main activities of the movement are as given below:

  • Organize Women Domestic Workers and their empowerment.
  • Organize training program for Domestic Workers.
  • Organize protest, signature campaign, and training of leaders.
  • Support to the children of Domestic Workers for education.
  • Counseling and legal support to the Domestic Workers.
  • Avail Govt. schemes to domestic workers family.
  • Networking with Govt. departments.

The movement has worked on multiple issues of Domestic Workers which are as follows:

  • Dignity and respect for domestic workers in the society.
  • To include Domestic Workers in the organized sector
  • Exploitation and discrimination faced from the employers.
  • Domestic violence
  • Many adolescent girls are also Domestic Workers who do not get proper education and holistic development.
  • Domestic Workers do not get proper/just wages for their work.

Therefore the movement is working towards addressing these issues of Domestic Workers by conducting frequent meetings, awareness programs, protests and advocacy in order to press for their rights.

Nearly 6000 domestic workers have registered with the organization from 115 slums of Indore and similar programs are taken up in other districts too.  Group meetings, Trainings, personality development, workshops, observing Human Rights Day, May 1 st as labourers’ day, March 8th as women’s day,  November 14 th as Children’s day – a Day of Hope for Children, awareness programs on domestic violence etc. are organized to enhance their skills and capacity. MPDWM also celebrates International Domestic Workers’ Day every year on 16th June.

Our team at IDWS:

  • Rosina SSpS (Director)
  • Oshin Roy  (Program Coordinator)
  • Francina Nelson (Case Manager)
  • Ayushi Mandloi  (Accountant )
  • Meena Baghel ( Field Work Coordinator)