Girls’ Safety and Decreasing sex ratio

Uday Social Development Society, Bhopal observed National Girl Child Day on 24th January 2019 with women and Children at BHABHA University, Jatkhedi Bhopal. The main objective of this day is to increase the awareness among the people about all the inequalities faced by the girl children especially in India, said Dr. Sr. Lizy Thomas, the Director of Uday Society in her addressing the participants. More than 285 people participated in this awareness program and the theme was ‘Empowering girls for a brighter tomorrow’ focusing on girl’s safety and decreasing the sex ratio. 

A beautiful song was sung by the girls from Ujjwal Group “Jan ke anjan hai ye sara samaj ” which reflects the situation of girls in the society. Mrs. Phulwati sahu, a member of the Sagar SHG group, said that because “I was born as a woman, I had to face many problems such as discrimination in the house, deprived of education, food and medical care and I was totally engaged in the household chores. I have decided that being the mother of three sons, I teach them all the household works, respect every girl and women. Ms. Rohini, member of child parliament (Child Clubs formed in the slums of Bhopal by Uday Society) shared about the safety of girls and said women’s safety is a big concern, it was seen that all the crimes against women are increasing day by day; the safety of women has been in doubt. There is an urgent need to understand and solve this problem of women safety. Women are found working in all spheres like aeronautics, space, politics and many more. Equal opportunities should be provided to the girls, so that girls can also grow equally. A beautiful poetry “Baba ki jizdi si gudiya “was performed by Mrs. Rashmi.

The Chief Guest of the program Mrs. Advaita Marthe from UNICEF focused on the education of girls. She said that majority of the girls face discrimination at home as well as outside. They also want to learn, fulfil their dream. But too often they are treated as second- class citizens. In the most of the families, girls are considered as a burden and families thought that boys carry forward the family name therefore more importance is given to the male member of the families. Ms. Advaita shared about the decreasing sex ratio and quoted the Census 2011 that the population of India is 943 of female per 1000 of males. She concluded her words with the message of save girls, educate girls and all the audience resolved to change their mindset and try not to discriminate anyone.

The program culminated with taking the oath to save & educate girls’ child in our families