Community Development Programs, Sirpur, Khandwa District

Sirpur is 35 K.M. away from Khandwa city. The Community Development Project is being implemented for the development of the community by focusing on Women and children in 10 villages of Sirpur cluster.

The main activities of the project are as follows:

  • Women Empowerment through SHGs and CBOs
  • Capacity and leadership building of women leaders
  • Awareness on legal as well as constitutional rights of women through different programs.
  • Impart trainings on self-employment schemes and availing opportunities for income generation activities among women
  • Technical training of youth by linking them with skill development schemes of the Govt.
  • Child Education , Child Participation and development
  • Health Camps
  • Increase accessibility to Govt. schemes
  • Promoting protection of Environment.
  • Multi Skill Development program for girls.

According to a survey of March 2018, a total of 450 women, are members of 42 SHGs. These SHGs have received various capacity building trainings from time to time in order to increase their sustainability. In some of the village Panchayts, very good works are being carried out. This is possible only due to the active involvement of women and other community members in the Gram Sabha.  These Self Help Groups and federations are playing a significant role in the empowerment of women. The project also focuses on the  proper functioning of Panchayats and other Govt. institutions & schemes such as ICDS centres, MDM, Govt. schools etc in order to pave the way for better development with the participation of community members. Federations formed at village level are also playing a significant role in local development issues.

We also try to pave the way to work towards Govt. schemes and other entitlement of the community especially women and children by making them aware of it. Additional 10 Non-formal education centres are being formed in order to increase the quality of education and the number of children in schools.

Since 2009, every year, 25-30 adolescent girls who are drop outs from the schools, are trained with multi skills. Girls receive training in tailoring, embroidery, knitting, cooking , home management, life skills  and Menstrual Hygiene Management  (MHM) at Sirpur at Sirpur cluster. The main impact of this project is that these girls have become agents of social change and bring transformation in their own villages. Around 200 dropout girls are trained and their parents are sensitized to marry off their daughters only after the age of 18.

Our Team at Uday CDP Sirpur:

  • Nirmala  SSpS (Director)
  • Rajesh (Office Manager & CO)
  • Raju (CO)
  • Women volunteers -9
  • Additional coaching for the students going to Govt. schools by young volunteers-10

Sirpur Team